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Cannabis Audit Services

Cannabis audit services

The cannabis and CBD/hemp industry is regulated like no other. Starting and maintaining a successful business in this unique space can be a challenging process. At DOPE CFO Certified Advisor, we make it our business to make sure their clients’ businesses thrive. Our network of DOPE CFO Certified Advisor understand compliance in the industry and know how to put powerful processes in place to help you stay compliant without worry. They're here for you with first-hand knowledge and experience about the auditing processes that you need in your day-to-day business operations.

Whether you are looking to raise capital, take your cannabis-related business public, or undergo any type of business transaction, accurately audited financial statements are essential to the process. You’ll get the positive attention of lenders and investors because our certified advisors will see that you understand what is important when it comes to an operation’s true value. Our approach is one based on targeted procedures specific to the cannabis & CBD/hemp industry. Whether you’re a dispensary, manufacturer, cultivator, or testing facility, DOPE CFO Certified Advisor can audit your day-to-day operations, best practices, compliance requirements and more!

280E Cannabis Compliance

Our team of DOPE CFO Certified Advisor will show you what a customized cannabis & CBD/hemp business audit approach can do for your business. Discover the difference of working with a DOPE CFO Certified Advisor that understands your business needs. Request your free consultation online to learn more.

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