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Cannabis CFO Services

Cannabis CFO services

The cannabis & CBD/hemp industry is one that continues to experience twists and turns, and the unique financial regulations related to the industry are not omitted from the sometimes harrowing fluctuations. There is a strong shift in the industry that highlights financial compliance, and it behooves every cannabis and CBD/hemp industry business owner to be prepared. Of course, every business owner isn’t a CFO. That’s where DOPE CFO Certified Advisor comes into the picture. Outsourcing your CFO and controller services to our network of DOPE CFO Certified Advisor may be the best business decision you every make!

DOPE CFO Certified Advisor will take a deep dive into your business finances and analyze them to determine where the gaps are, highlight any deficiencies that are present, and identify practical solutions for them. You can expect financial reports that you’ll actually be able to understand at a glance. They can even help you by providing guidance regarding how to implement savvy accounting policies and procedures that will keep you compliant with government regulations and reduce financial risks and tax liabilities for your business. Let DOPE CFO Certified Advisor help you take your cannabis and CBD/hemp industry business to the next level!

Controller Services for the Cannabis & CBD/Hemp Industry

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  • Creation of accounting policies and procedures
  • Establishing internal controls
  • Investor-ready financials
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Strategic business planning
  • Liaison between banks, attorneys, buyers
  • Raising capital
  • Due diligence