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Cannabis Tax Services

Cannabis 280e Tax services

Although the “green wave” of the cannabis & CBD/hemp industry continues to grow and spread throughout the country, strict regulations and obstacles like tax code 280e - which considers marijuana-based businesses to be traffickers of controlled substances - can present obstacles to the success of your cannabis-related business endeavors. For example, those regulations take common tax credits and deductions that most businesses enjoy off the table for a business like yours.

Our network of DOPE CFO Certified Advisor draw on years of experience to develop powerful accounting solutions to help you make the most of your business while prudently planning for tax time year-round. That way, you’ll be ready when the time comes. If you should ever be audited (which is inevitable in the cannabis & CBD/hemp industry), you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you were compliant with DOPE CFO Certified Advisor handling your financials. Our certified advisors are known for quick resolution to issues and the ability to minimize audit-related penalties. Don’t spend another day just winging it when it comes to managing your finances and maintaining tax compliance in the cannabis & CBD/hemp industry.

Cannabis Tax Planning & Compliance

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Tax Services

  • Section 280E compliance
  • Federal and state tax return preparation
  • Guidance on properly allocating expenses
  • Sales and use taxes (for equipment and supply purchases)
  • Business and individual income tax preparation
  • Tax audit representation

IRS Problem Resolution

  • Resolving IRC Section 280E tax problems
  • Filing back tax returns
  • Minimizing tax penalties
  • Installment agreements and payment plans
  • Federal 280E audit representation
  • Interpreting  and responding IRS notices
  • Research and support for complex tax problems
  • Liaison with tax attorneys specializing in 280E
  • Payroll tax problem resolution
  • Managing payroll to avoid future tax problems